A long day…

So today I start a new page in my blogging. Previously I wrote on my experiences subbing (see sidebar)! Now I am in the classroom. I figured then that a blog change was due. Honestly I am glad that subbing is over with. I really learned a lot though about enduring and not showing any fear when things were crazy!

I reported for work on August 5 and the kids came on August 24. At first it’s pretty nerve racking after two years off, to get back into the classroom. But it does come back. I wasn’t too nervous on the first day because I knew it would be okay. Now after four weeks is the hard part. I have to remind myself that it’s never to late to change bad habbits. I also remind myself to stay calm. It’s not easy and these are the things that make it difficult:

1. Completely open concept. My two team teachers and I share a small space with no walls between us. We have furniture to define the space but noise carries like crazy. Plus I am on the side closest to the hallway. So when everyone comes through the hall I hear it the most.

2. Language. We are a bilingual spanish school. In theory it’s all great, but it’s tough sticking to spanish when most of your students don’t speak it. I have to think ahead so I know if I need to give an intro in English to support understanding ahead of time.

3. Meetings. We have a lot of meetings and not a lot seems to get done at them. I get to school early to prepare and then we stay late for meetings. I am not used to this. In Texas, planning was built into our day and we only had to stay once in a while for staff meetings. Plus we have a lot of events. I am just really tired. I am sure I will get used to things and so forth.

4. I won’t lie it’s tough working with my principal as a team mate. She’s great and has a great knowledge base. For these things I appreciate her and also came to work at this school, but it’s tough to be on her team because it’s like you get her when you can. She has split responsibilities between us and the school.

Overall though it’s nice to be at my school. I know it will get better and truly I know I have it good. In past experiences I had it waaaayyyy worse!


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