Second time around!

Here we are back after summer break! It’s only been 2 days and yet we have covered so much already. What hits home the most hearing Connie talk about Constructivism is how different the experience is the second time. Last year, I really connected what Connie said to my past experiences in teaching, meaning I related it to my frustration at student just not “getting it”! When I heard her research I was like oh, it all makes sense! My students who didn’t get it were just not there logically yet and no matter how many tricks or ways I showed them they just were not going to get it. That is because they hadn’t constructed it in their heads yet!

Now I am in a different place when I think of constructivism in my teaching. I come to the table of having participated in my constructivist math class. Once you have seen it in action and watched as students invent and construct math in their heads and with each other, it all just is different. Now instead of just wondering how constructivism work I am thinking about how it fits in with what I saw this year with my students. I also think of what my next steps I have ahead of me, as well as what challenges lay ahead for me this year.

Here are some of the videos that we have recorded of Connie.


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