Excel Math

So yesterday we were given a training on our new math supplement, Excel Math. Today I got a chance to leaf through the teacher edition. There are three components I am really looking forward to using: Stretch problems, Creative problems and the activities section in the back.

Stretch problems are written as part of the teacher’s lesson. They are one problem that push students to think outside of the box. Most have more than one answer and they are presented kind of like a puzzle or brain tease.

Creative problems are stories with mathematical information. Then students are asked to create their own word problems to go along or to solve something in order to go with the story.

The activities section in the back are hands on activities that students can do in groups. For example, one of the activities has students use grocery circulars to write their own problems and then trade with another group to solve their problems.

Now what I will be thinking about is how to incorporate it into our math hour. I don’t want it to take over or to replace what is working in my math class. Like our Jueves al reves, where we start with games first and then work our way through the schedule backwards or our Student Wednesdays when students answer their own problems of the day!


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