Vacation, vacation, vacation!

My family came to visit and so I spent my first week being a tour guide in Los Angeles, but now they have headed home so I am back on track! So vacation for me is about relaxing and my favorite thing in the world….reading! I have made a goal of reading 3 books in the next two weeks. Now 2 of the books I will read will be fun fictional “easier” reads. The other one will be a professional read.

I have chosen the book Teaching with Love and Logic by Jim Fay and David Funk. This book was suggested when I first came to New City Public Schools two Augusts ago, and I am finally getting to it. The biggest reason that I made this choice, not afraid to admit it, is that right now there are some issues with students and with the way I am reacting as well. I am not thinking that this will be the ‘end all and be all’ to the situations in my room but definitely taking myself out of the problems and replacing myself as an “experimenter” will help things!

So far I was able to read three chapters in one day! I am hoping to be done by the end of the week. Overall it’s an easy read with ideas simply spelled out. At first the little secret boxes through me off because they would be interjected in the middle of a paragraph cutting sentences and throwing off my reading.

These tips and pearls are spread out throughout the book.

But I got used to and expected it as I read. I also like the idea that I can go back to the boxes later when trying to remember the gist of things.








I also like the experiments at the end of each chapter. On amazon they have pieces of the first few chapters.

So far the ideas and strategies that I have read are “do-able”. I will probably start the book again once school starts so that as I am reading, I can be seeing it’s effect in my classroom.

These are given as ideas for you to try in the classroom.


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