At our school, excellence committees have been formed. I am on the Professional Development Committee. Our first task was to help prepare a section of the LEA document we will be turning in. It was suggested that we look at sample LEA documents to get an idea of what was expected as an end product. Unfortunately, at our first meeting we couldn’t get a hold of the document that had been emailed. Instead we just began the conversation of what professional development we have and what would we like to have.

In our second meeting we did get a hold of several sample LEA documents. We were able then to synthesize our first discussion into more of the language that would be required for the document. We were also given our presentation date for our suggestions for the document.

Our third meeting was very brief meeting of what would be the talking points for our discussion. I was charged with coming up with some kind of visual handout for people to follow.

I had very little time because our presentation was the next day! I Googled  online graphic organizers and bubbl.us came up. Right away it allowed you to play with it. So I started putting in information from our notes. Overall it was pretty intuitive. I was able to put in my main topics and then subtopics easily. Then presentation day I was able to print several sizes of our organizer. We put these on the table so teachers could follow the presentation. Not the most exciting presentation but I was really happy to at least have a visual on the fly.

Here are some quick pics of bubbl.us:


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