It’s a New Year!

Most people get excited on December 31, excited for a new year and reflecting on the old year, I as a teacher feel this way every August. Pretty much the second week in August is when teachers start getting back and planning for a new school year. Tons of preparation goes into having a class be ready, but most of the preparation for a returning teacher is mental. Some of my resolutions are the same every school year because of my major flaws. Some change though according to how the school year ended and what I think can help things the next year. Here are my 3 school year resolutions for this year:

1. Invest time in my personal life.

This year I plan on being more invested in myself. Last year I tended to bring school home with me. This may sound a bit selfish but what I have found is that when you give yourself time outside of school to your passions and family, you tend to be a happier teacher. Also you tend to be more healthy because stress levels go down.

2. Organization!!

This is the resolution that is always on my list. And every year I get a little bit better at it! Being organized is not my strongest suit, but I have learned that if I can go in organized, then things go well.

3. Routines….

I really want to stick to routines that work. The years that I have been really successful as a teacher have been the years where we had really great routines. So I want to start off the year with routines planned and thought out. I have enough flexibility to change as the year goes but I want to give my students the stability that comes with routines.



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