Why blog?

This last week I set up student blogs for the students in my grade level. That is approximately 90 blogs! Students were to log on and write their favorite something. It was as if I had said, “Green Light!”, because students took off blogging and commenting!

Then a student posted the coolest question, “So how did you get the idea to do this blogging thing?” How awesome is that???? So I posted, “Why blog?” and answered her question with this:

So ____ asked on my blog where I got the idea for blogging? Here is why I started you guys out on blogging:

  1. I want you to learn to be responsible digital citizens. You are growing up in a world where everyone and everything is online! It is important for you to get some practice and learn what and how to post your thinking in a safe way.
  2. A blog is a form of sharing out your thoughts. As you share your blogs with your friends, you are learning to communicate.
  3. A blog is a way to share out more then just words! We will be learning to add pictures, videos and much more.
  4. I want you to be responsible digital citizens! (I know a repeat!) People put stuff online all the time, but what they put on isn’t always meaningful. It is fun to put cool stuff online. I hope that when you blog you will begin to see yourself as contributors to the digital world!

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