The Unexpected

So many times we come to a school year in August and wonder… what will this year be like? what is ahead? We plan our rooms out just so and prepare the name tags. Yet, what happens when you have one of those years?!?!?!

This is one of those years for me. The year began fine but our school changed programs mid-year. So January we started with a brand new schedule and totally new groupings.

Then we get the news there will be mid-year budget cuts. A team member is being laid off. We will now have new homeroom groupings, schedules, etc. Add to that I have been asked to change classrooms!

Options of what to do run through your head:

  • Head for the hills running
  • Pull out your hair and crying

Well, I didn’t run, but in my head I have cried and pulled some hair out! First, I had a heart to heart with my kids. I was honest and told them that I appreciate the way they have been so amazing through the changes this last month. I warned them that there are more ahead, but that if we are just patient with each other that we would make it through. My feelings are going up and down and most likely I will be moody in the class. I am a human that is being asked to take on a lot! If I accept this about myself and enlist my kids, I know I can get through.

The next thing I did is began to make lists and lots of them: to do, what do I have, what will I need to take with me etc. For some reason, lists seem to help me feel a little less lost and anchor my thoughts.

The truth is you cannot control what you year will look like. Sometimes you feel like a pet, being told to sit and fetch! It is utterly frustrating and exasperating. This isn’t the first year I have faced the unexpected, nor will it be my last. What do you control? Your classroom and your actions.


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