Look what I get to read!

Look what I get to read!

I am so excited that our school director purchased this for me to read. I am hyped up for a year full of making, inventing and tinkering with my kids!


Slide Presentation of Cesar Chavez

I created a slide presentation during our farm workers rights unit last spring. My focus was more on Cesar’s beginnings, since our students have studied his life achievements. The objective was to help students understand what led to Cesar Chavez becoming a great leader.┬áStudents enjoyed seeing pictures of him as a child.

I used Google docs to create the presentation and then shared it with a co-teacher. It was quick and easy to put together. I presented the content while showing the corresponding picture.
Cesar Chavez Presentation

Wordle I created for Earth Day

Wordle: earth day

I was planning for a vocabulary activity for my class. We have to create thematic alphabets. Our theme will be Earth Day. After gathering some word lists for my kiddos to get ideas from, I thought I could make a Wordle with some Earth Day poems. I think that this could be something for students to do if they finish their work.

Tutorial Handouts

Creating a Google form and how to use them in the classroom.

In November of 2011, I asked for five minutes to present to our staff on a technology topic. I chose to do Google Forms. This year we had switched over to Google teacher accounts. I enjoy using Google Forms, but it is a little known gem.






This is a tutorial that I created for our staff. Teachers were having a hard time sharing their class with other teachers.

So I created this online hand out and shared it through Google Docs.

Oars tutorial on sharing your class with other teachers.








Another tutorial I created was using a web photo application. We did a beginning of the year art project with silhouettes, so I shared how I made them in my class for other teachers to use.

Using Picnik to create Sillouettes


Class Website

Class Website

This is a link to my class website. I use it so that students and parents can keep up with school events. My students love my links page and the activities that I put up on it. I also included a link to our blogs page, so that students in my computer rotation can get to their blogs.